Humtown Wins Prestigious National Association of Manufacturing Award for Business Culture Transformation

Columbiana, OH — June 8, 2024 — The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) announced Humtown as the winner of the 2024 Manufacturing Leadership Award in the category for Transformational Business Cultures for their proprietary Industrial Athlete Operating System™.

The Manufacturing Leadership Awards, hosted by NAM, the largest manufacturing association in the United States, celebrated Humtown alongside other industry leaders such as Intel, IBM, Cisco Systems, Whirlpool, and General Motors across eleven categories.

Mark Lamoncha, President of Humtown, stated, “It’s an honor to accept this award on behalf of our amazing team. This recognition underscores our relentless pursuit of unlocking our team members God-given potential, which is the cornerstone of Humtown’s culture. We believe in ValYouShip, valuing each person above all else, because innovation and technology will never surpass the value of a human being. It’s about embracing and releasing divergent and dynamic differences among team members so we can be better together.”

Humtown previously won the Small to Medium Manufacturer of the Year award in 2020, and also received accolades for Talent Management with their Visual Earnings System and Engineering and Production Leadership for commercializing 3D sand printing. The 2024 award honors their Industrial Athlete Operating System™, a holistic, transformational process documented in their comprehensive book.

“For the judges and committee to acknowledge the uniqueness of the Industrial Athlete Operating System™ among so many deserving finalists is truly an honor,” said co-author Tim Figley. “Standing on stage alongside the giants in manufacturing is an awesome experience.”

“We could not have overcome the ‘Economic Perfect Storm’ of the 2008 Great Recession without a radically different approach to business. I thank the Industrial Coaches and Athletes who contributed to and allowed our Visual Earning System™ to evolve in our
Columbiana Operations,” Lamoncha added.

The Industrial Athlete Operating System includes four significant cultural transformations which is not
confined to manufacturing, but is applicable to any industry:

  1. The Employee Shift: Transforming Employees into Industrial Athletes.
  2. The Culture Shift: Shifting from a Tug-of-War to a Win-Win Culture.
  3. The Workplace Shift: Transitioning the Workplace into a Performance Center
  4. The Management Shift: Moving from Boss to Coach.

The book is available at Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, and Audible.

“The class of 2024 should indeed be proud of their achievements in advancing the digital model of manufacturing,” said MLC Founder, Vice President and Executive Director David R. Brousell. “The awards reflect the truly incredible amount of innovation taking place in all sectors of the industry.” The award ceremony took place on June 5, 2024, at the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Gala at the JW Marriott in Marco Island, Florida.

About Humtown

As a manufacturing company for over 60 years, Humtown Products based in Columbiana, Ohio is a family-owned, ISO 9001 certified business specializing in conventional analog tooling-based sand cores and molds, and 3D digital printed production of sand cores and molds for the foundry industry. The enduring success of Humtown Products reflects its commitment to nurturing strong, reciprocal relationships with the communities it operates in.

To learn more about Humtown Products, visit or call 330-482-5555.

For media inquiries, please contact Brenda Covert at or 330-482-5555.

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