About the Book

Humtown Products has developed a unique way of leading people that transforms how they are valued in the workplace while elevating organizational performance. 

Humtown’s selection as the 2020 Manufacturer of the Year by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) in the small to medium enterprise category is evidence of the practical power of this transformative Industrial Athlete Operating System.

Humtown’s Industrial Athlete Operating System can be viewed as People 4.0, as it places valuing and enhancing human potential atop this revolution in modern technology. Because in essence, Nobody has ever created anything better than the human being.

A core reason why Humtown was recognized as the 2020 Manufacturer of the Year was that it was also honored with the Manufacturing Leadership Award for outstanding achievement in Talent Management Leadership. This award recognized Humtown’s role in “unleashing human potential” and the development of its patented Visual Earnings System (VES) product.

Led by President and “Head Coach” Mark Lamoncha, Humtown has created a revolutionary and proven methodology to increase performance at an individual, team, organizational, and community level.

Strong interest in the Industrial Athlete has already been created at some of the most recognized industrial organizations and academic institutions. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has twice visited Humtown to understand the critical success factors inherent in this system.

This book reveals those critical success factors and makes their practical application possible for the leadership of virtually any interested organization.

The Industrial Athlete Operating System will be the foundational book in a projected series of books and workbooks for organizational leaders, managers, and team members.

There will be accompanying training and facilitative consulting to further help those seeking organizational transformation. This presentation lays out the four shifts that make our transformation unique and provides a synopsis of the proposed chapters. 

The four shifts produce the framework of the Industrial Athlete Operating System and are the four parts of this book. The four specific shifts are:


Impact Level

Many today are fearing the diminishment of human potential and value in the workplace. The Industrial Athlete Operating System shows how the most profitable and forward-thinking organizations can instead capitalize on the essential role of human beings to create organizational success.